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A Roan colt was born in 2015 who was confirmed and tested to be Homozygous Roan. He is the first and only horse within the breed to boast this title. 


Roan is currently only known to be in heterozygous form. (Rn). Because of this, Roan Percherons only have a 50% chance of passing on their gene with each foal. Blue Roan (Black) is the most common form of roan, although one Red Roan (Chestnut) does exist. A Bay Roan mare was alive, but passed away a few years ago. She had no Bay Roan offspring.

One of the biggest questions I am asked time and again is, "Where can I find a blue roan Percheron?" One of the most well known online breeders is Brad Messersmith of IA. He also advertises in the Draft Horse Journal. I personally am another breeder, but at this time I'm just coming into the program with the new acquisition of a Roan stallion. Before our past stallions were owned by my Parents and I had no say in their future. Both were sold on, one now deceased, the other, a very long ways away. My parents, Hacienda Percherons, are very active breeders of Blue Roan Percherons and have a good sized group of Roan mares with which they are using our Roan stallion on.

Most roan horses are dispersed and owned by individual horse owners who like the color but have no real interest in preservation. Many may have no clue how rare what they own is. Some are aware of this though. Very very few are in actual breeding programs. I will not list anyone with roans unless they themselves would wish to be advertised publicly. It is simply out of respect for them. If they don't have a problem with it, then I am more than happy to send a potential buyer their direction. My knowledge stemmed from countless hours of personal research. I spend a lot of time with 'an ear to the ground', ferreting out roans and new owners.

  At this time I have counted 44 roans to be living within the breed. I know of 7 stallions. Of those 6, 6 I know without a doubt in my mind to be nothing but Roan. 1 is grey+roan. Of those 7 stallions, 4 are young horses. At this time, there are only 3 known bloodlines that Roan descends from and through. All three are photographed to the left. 

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